The central characters of this movie are played by Will Stronghold and Jetstream, who are supposed to be found all of a sudden in the land of superheroes, where they are highly accepted and taken as normal beings. It is with these two natural human beings, to gel up with the aliens thus, maintaining the balance with the normal beings as well. 

Sky High

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Superhero film

Best friend

Language: English

Director: Mike Mitchell

Actors: Kelly Preston , Michael Angarano , Danielle Panabaker , Steven Strait , Kurt Russell , Dee Jay Daniels , Kelly Vitz , Nicholas Braun , Jake Sandvig , Lynda Carter , Bruce Campbell , Kevin Heffernan , Cloris Leachman , Jim Rash , Dave Foley

Last update : 19 Apr 2014

Superhero Movie
A spoof on superhero movies, it shows an unpopular student Rick, who is bitten by a radioactive dragonfly and develops dragonfly-like abilities. He becomes a famous superhero. When his aunt dies he decides to give up his superhero career, but when th..
Up, Up, and Away
Scot Marshall is the only normal boy in a family of superheroes. All the other family members including his father, mother, brother, sister and even grandpa and grandma have supernatural powers but when at the age of 14 Scot fails to exhibit any such..
13 Going On 30
After being humiliated in the thirteenth birthday Jenna wishes to hide her image till the age of thirty. She gets everything that wants in her life including a good house with a fabulous wardrobe, a good boyfriend, and a dream job. But she is not sat..
Painful Secrets
Dawn feels like a disappointment and unable to satisfy her guardians. Not at all like most individuals, who can express great feelings ostensibly through words or through tears, Dawn's component for diverting her ache is through mischief toward onese..
Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic
Sarah Tarvis, a fifteen year old young girl, tries to balance her life and cope up with the divorce of her parents. Initially she finds it difficult to cope up and starts drinking which gives her relief and comfort. Which starts with the feel good fa..
But Forever in My Mind
Silvo is a high school student who is attracted to the most beautiful girl in school, Valentina. One day, the news of an intimate moment with Valentina spreads like wild fire across his peers and also his family. Confused, Silvo finds comfort with a ..
Too Young to Marry
Max and Jessica fall in love with each other and happen to marry at a very young age when they have not yet made way for settled lives thus calling for situations which got them face adverse feelings of marriage, gradually of each other as well, thus..
Barely Legal
Fred, Deacon and Matt are three teenagers obsessed with sex. They believe in the philosophy of ‘why rent a dirty movie when you can produce one on your own'? They purchase a web hosting service and produce films for After School Special – a site by v..
I Love You, Beth Cooper
Denis Cooverman is the valedictorian at Nerdy Buffalo Grove High School. While delivering his graduation speech, he confesses his love for Beth Cooper – the most popular girl in school. He isn't sure of what is going to happen next but to his surpris..
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries is a movie of the genre drama. It is a fictionalised take on the real life of the writer James Jones. The movie progresses as seen through the eyes of the daughter of an expatriate American family that is settled in P..

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