61 movies about 'Arranged marriage' (page 1/7)

The Princess & the Marine
Jason, a US marine goes to Bahrain for a mission. There he falls for Meriam, a Bahraini royal. Meriam realizes that their affair is risky as she is a muslim ands he is a Christian and the society would never agree. They escape from Bahrain and go to US to get married but trouble doesn't end.
New Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Yuk Jiao Lung takes up kung fu with the former rebel master Jade Fox as a way to escape an undesirable arranged marriage, while simultaneously, sword master Li Mu Bai falls in love with Yu Shu Lien when she arrives to avenge the murder of her parents. When the Green Destiny Sword turns up stolen, an..
My Little Bride
A young girl of high school named Boeun gets worried about her grades. She has a deep liking for her school basketball team star Jungwoo. One day Boeun's grandfather orders her to get married to Sangmin as a result of the pact he had made with Sangmin's grandfather during the Korean War.
The Girl from Hunan
The heartbreaking tale of a young girl sold into an arranged marriage with a 2 year old boy who she must raise as his nanny until he is old enough to marry her. She is expected to honour tradition and to toe the line so far as social proprieties are concerned, but the young girl rebels against the e..
The Prince & Me 4: The Elephant Adventure
One year after their royal wedding, King Edvard and Queen Paige of Denmark receive an invitation to attend the wedding of Princess Myra of Sangyoon. Upon their arrival, Paige finds Myra is unhappy with her arranged marriage to the brooding and sinister Kah and is secretly in love with a young elepha..
Dr. Jung Nam finds a photo album dating back to his days as an intern at the Ansaeng Hospital. This triggers memories of his life. In 1942, as a young medical intern, Jung-Nam's arranged marriage ended when his fiancée, whom he had never met, committed suicide. Later he was assigned to m..
Flower Drum Song
At the gathering, Linda has an alternate club worker profess to be her sibling, and award his consent for Linda to wed Wang Ta. Ta contends that he is mature enough to settle on his own choices, however the father says that he will be the one to tell Ta when he is mature enough.
After losing both her parents, Failan (Cecilia Cheung) emmigrates to Korea to seek her only remaining relatives. Once she reaches Korea, she finds out that her relatives have moved to Canada well over a year ago. Desperate to stay and make a living in Korea, Failan is forced to have an arranged marr..
Carnival in Costa Rica
Luisa's family is trying to fix her marriage with their family acquaintance Pepe Castro. But Pepe is in love with his girlfriend Celeste. Again, Luisa falls in love with Jeff. These two pairs of couples are putting in their best effort to materialize their relationship along with their love interest..
Heaven on Earth
Chand is a pretty young women married, living in India and is married to Rocky who lives in Ontario. She moves to his place and gets to meet his family there. Eventually with time, she comes to know about the strange problems in her in-laws and suffers from physical abuse from her husband. She gets ..

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