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Sandakan No. 8
On the history of Japanese women a young female journalist is researching on forceful prostitution and sent to Asia during 20th century. An elderly woman Osaki lives with her pets in a remote village. The journalist finds Osaki and convinces her to share about her life story. What could have Osaki r..
Horny House of Horror
In this horror parody three drunk buddies Toshida, Uno & Nakazu while returning home from a basketball game decide to make a stop at the Shogun massage parlor a brothel as they think Nakazu needs one last thrill before tying the knot. As Toshida and Uno go to their respective floors with the ladies,..
Sex and Zen III
Three young prostitutes come into the fragrance brothel where madam Tall Kau trains them in expert lovemaking. Susan becomes the topmost paid and attends Chu Chi-Ang. Fanny is bought by famous and rich Sir Lui, but being highly jealous of Susan she plans a revenge to separate Chu and Susan.
Journey to the End of the Night
In an isolated and dark area of São Paulo, there is a exiled Americans Sinatra and his son Paul running brothel. Paul is a compulsive gambler who is always addicted in cocaine while the father is married to an ex sex worker Angie. They have a small son. All is ok till his wife kills a client by mist..
Dil Aashna Hai
Three young women graduate from St Teresa's convent named Barkha, Rajlaxmi & Salma. However one of them ends up pregnant before marriage & promise to keep the identity of the mother secret. As they together bring up the child she is ultimately handed over to Razia. 18 years later a cabaret dancer La..
Umrao Jaan
Amiran ( Umrao Jaan ), who is kidnapped by her neighbours, is sold to Madam Khanum Jaan, who owns a brothel. There she is trained and learns many skills and one amongst them is to captivate the wealthy men who visit to brothel. Later she falls in love with Nawab Sultan. Will Umrao Jaan be able to li..
Lady Sings the Blues
Billie Holiday is a much renowned and celebrated jazz singer who has quite a tough life behind her success. This movie has derived bits and pieces of her life and career, both of which have been laden with tough and disappointing situations, backfiring on which she has turned herself up to a legenda..
The Scarlet Worm
A killer who is growing old thinks of a devious plan of assassination. He employs a young hired gun in order to perform horrific and rough abortion scenes on the prostitutes. The weak and humble brothel owner was in a very rude shock. Will he die? Will the brothel survive?
Andre a lecherous brothel owner trades in young men through exploitation by coercion and drugs. His newest victim Lee, a black, runaway orphan. A retelling of the classic Oliver Twist based in a contemporary New York City underground filled with prostitution, drag queens and drugs.
King of Thieves
Barbu and Mimma, two siblings are sold by their poor parents to a circus master who has evil intentions. He sells of Mimma for prostitution and Barbu is trained to become a thief. When Barbu comes to know of his sister's fate, he must find a way out to save his sister from the brothel.

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