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Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-12
The film begins when Sylvester wakes up from the bed of some other. A woman comes near and kisses him. He feels ashamed of his infidelity and tends to go home. Suddenly her husband comes in the stairs and the woman asks him to hide in the closet. However, Sylvester's phone rings and the husband find..
Dream Machine
As a reward, Davis gets a Prosche that is worth $ 100,000, which is given to him by the millionaires. Davis is unaware that there is a body in the Porsche that was gifted to him. The killer who had kept the body in Porsche tries to recover it before being discovered...
To Jennifer
The drama is about Joey, an obsessed boyfriend who is convinced that his girlfriend of two years, Jennifer is cheating on him. To prove his thoughts, he plans a string of tapes and evidences that will enable him to catch her in the act. Will he finally succeed in proving her infidelity?
The Other Woman
A man is smart enough to maintain a relationship with a young girl in spite of the fact that he is married by status. On getting to know this fact the girl gets desperate enough to get along with the wife of her boyfriend so as to teach a lesson to the man who is the central character of the movie.
Your Friends & Neighbors
A comedy drama sets itself in an unnamed city of America about two unhappy couples lying to each other and hopping into others bed for their quest of happiness. It takes you through a tale of love and happiness amidst lies and how one craves to be with a partner, even if it means lying to them about..
Cool Runnings
A Jamaican bobsled team is all set to make their way to the winter Olympics. The entire movie deals with how each and every team mate is making desperate attempts to do everything possible so as to get through with the selections and the final matches.
Lesa Lesa
It is an Indian film about Chandru who lives by cheating the people who live in and around Ooty for their money and is forced to play the part of a rich man when his grandfather, along with five educated girls come to stay with him for two months. There is also a love angle to the movie
Love is All You Need
The main character of this movie is a hairdresser who has ironically lost her own hair out of cancer, only to find out that her husband is having an affair with some other lady. The plot of the movie progresses with the lady travelling to Italy, thus meeting there, a widower who is quite frustrated ..
So Undercover
Molly Morris is a private investigator who takes photos of cheating men and is offered a job by F.B.I. Agent Armon Ranford to watch over Alex Patrone ,the daughter of a Senator, who was involved in an organized crime case. And for that she needs go at a college sorority. With several suspects on her..
The Signal
This is a bizarre story about a mysterious signal that compels people to kill or be killed. Broadcasted over the radio, cell phone and television, the signal evokes uncontrolled, violent responses from the citizens. The story points out to the powerful impact of the media on the human mind and the l..

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