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Five passengers traveling in a flight to Delhi discovers hidden weapons in the toilets. They use these weapons and hijack the plane. During a scuffle with the pilots, one of the engines is damaged. The pilot lands up on emergency basis in Tirupati Airport. The hijackers ask for a huge ransom.
Last Stop 174
Sandro loves to rap and to kiss. He also loves to stare at the statue of the Christ the redeemer and dreams of one day visiting Copacabana. Sandro grows up on the streets and one day hijacks the bus 174 with violent consequences.
Captain Phillips
The film is a true film which talks about the life of Captain Richard Philips. In addition there hijacking of 2009 by Somali pirates is also shown very effectively. In fact it was the first ever American cargo ship that was hijacked in two centuries. All details are terrifically shown in the film.
Air Force One
Russian guerillas have planned to steal the aircraft meant for the President and his other family members. The head of the aircraft is tied in a haywire-whether to save his family or to be with the terrorists. Maintenance of the nation's integrity now lies in his hands. His decision decides the fate..
Tail Sting
Captain Jack Russell is flying a plane full of passengers across the Atlantic. In the cargo hold there is a box containing a few genetically engineered fetuses of scorpions from which Dr. Jennifer Ryan hopes to make a vaccine. One of her colleagues starts messing with the box which breaks and the ve..
Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell
Few people are survived from a fatal plane crash accident but end up finding themselves in a weird remote region where no one lives. There the survivors are attacked by a strange brutal alien monster that preys on humans and after draining their blood turns them into blood thirsty corpses.
Scrap Heaven
Three people with strange backgrounds happened to meet on a hijacked bus. Testu is known for his mischief and has a deranged father. Shingo is a sad young cop looking after murder division. Lastly, Saki is a chemist and has an eye missing and keeps it hiding behind her glasses. Couple of months afte..
Without a Paddle
Three friends have been drifting apart for years until the funeral of the fourth friend. In his belongings, they discover that Billy was attempting a quest to find the lost $200,000 that was lost along with a hijacker and the three friends now reunite to fulfill their dead friends final wish.
Skyjacked is based on the novel Hijacked and it is a disaster film. The movie is based on a bomb threat received in a flight due to which the flight changes course and goes ahead to have an emergency landing. What happens to the passengers, the pilot and whether the threat is averted is what this mo..
Ramachandramoorthy and Mythili meet in the midst of a plane hijack and fall in love, as well as saving the plane. After a happy marriage his wife starts suspecting him of having illicit affairs. Rams' four pals take him to Bangalore to ease his mind and arrange a call girl but his problems are start..

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