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Almost Human
Almost Human, also known as The Death Dealer, The Kidnap of Mary Lou and The Executioner (in original Italian, Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare) is a 1974 poliziotteschi film. This film by Umberto Lenzi stars Tomas Milian and Henry Silva. When production began, director Umberto Lenzi o..
When taxi driver Ah Huat's son is kidnapped, he resorts to extreme measures to raise the $1,000,000 ransom. But when the kidnapper reneges on the exchange, Ah Huat takes the most extreme measure of all: he kidnaps the kidnapper's child.
Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)
The stories of a money laundering frog farm, a kidnapped young woman, a plastic surgeon, a young businessman, a policeman discussing anti-kidnapping, a civil engineer and an attorney general as these relatively different situations find a common string of connections as these people find an unlikely..
Kidnap is one of the Bollywood thrillers. A father was very much worried that his daughter is kidnapped. The movie follows his fight to get her back. a young girl lives with her mother, and also her grandmother because her parents had separated when she was just ten. On her eighteenth birthday, she ..
An unemployed graduate after finding that his hope of becoming a police officer is destroyed as his bribe did not work. In order to repay the loan he had taken for the bribe he falls prey to the kidnapping business which helps him to go to the roots of the politics.
Secuestro Express
Secuestro Express is a Venezuelan movie on crimes. Carla and her boyfriend Martin, a young urban upper class couple, while returning from a night of partying and dancing, gets kidnapped by a group of three men. The film traces the events that entwine the lives of both the captors as well as the capt..
The Saratov Approach
An inspirational true story. On what seemed like any other day, Elders Travis Tuttle (Corbin Allred) and Andrew Propst (Maclain Nelson) are approached by Nikolai (Nikita Bogolyubov) to teach a friend. But then the missionaries experience the unimaginable - they are kidnapped, beaten, and held for r..
Kidnapping Miyabi
Three Indonesian guys head to the airport to see their favorite Japanese porn star, Maria Ozawa, when she visits Jakarta. But airport chaos results in them kidnapping their idol. Throw in a love triangle, mistaken identity, a marketing campaign aimed at teenagers, and a conspicuous lack of adult con..
Kidnapping, Caucasian Style
Kidnapping, Caucasian Style is a romantic movie which can also be termed as a comedy. The main plot of the movie gives in for a character called Shurik who happens to travel to the land of Caucasus in search of his native people. While on the hunt, he comes across a beautiful girl, thus diversifying..
Voice of a Murderer
Han Kyung-bae famous news anchors only son suddenly disappeared. The kidnapper demands for a huge ransom of $100,000 to the little boy's mother Oh Jisun. The police assign Kim a detective to solve the case. The kidnapper escapes all the police traps and still keeps asking for money. Could Kim solve ..

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