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Santa Claus
Pitch, the mean-spirited devil, is trying to ruin Christmas. Santa Claus teams up with Merlin the Magician and the children of the world in order to save the day!
The Santa Clause 2
Christmas for children is at stake when Scott Kelvin, the Santa, leaves for south to help his son get out of the ‘naughty list' this year. He has left a substitute who is supposed to distribute gifts among children but things soon turn upside down when the new Santa starts drawing new definitions ab..
Santa Buddies
The puppy paws, the son of the Santa paws is a fun-loving child and when it starts to get bored it finds Budderball, who shows how to be an ordinary pup. Once the magical Christmas Icicle melt, the entire world forgets about the true meaning of this season and the puppies travel to North Pole to…
Santa's Slay
Santa's Slay is a Christmas black comedy horror film. The Mason family will get pleasure from Christmas dinner if the Santa Claus comes down from the chimney and kills them all. There are a number of deaths that include Santa piercing Mr. Mason's hands with a fork and knife to the table. And finally..
The Year Without a Santa Claus
Thoroughly disgruntled, Santa (Goodman) opts to take a year off from delivering presents, until a young man helps his rediscover the meaning of the holidays.
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups
While travelling to Pineville Mrs. Claus the Santa Puppies stow away in her sled. They are the sweet talking pups- Jingle, Noble, Hope and Charity. They begin to accept the wishes of Pineville's kids but something happening wrong- the spirit of Christmas is disappearing. Mrs. Claus and the Santa Pup..
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Santa and his wife have been running their regular business quite smoothly, but now something seems wrong as the Counsel of Legendary Figures has summoned Santa to an emergency meeting on the eve of Christmas. It is reported that the evil Jack Frost is back and is making plans to spoil the whole fes..
Mrs. Santa Claus
Neglected by her husband during the pre-Christmas rush, Mrs. Santa Claus takes the reindeer and sleigh out for a drive, only to end up stranded in the multi-cultural neighbourhood of Manhattan's Lower East Side of the early 1900s.
The Search for Santa Paws
In the tradition of disney's classic holiday tales comes a heartwarming movie about the power of giving and the true meaning of christmas. Discover how the legendary friendship of Santa Claus and Santa Paws began in the inspiring original film, The Search For Santa Paws. When Santa and his new ..
Santa Claus: The Movie
The first fragment of the movie shows how Santa Claus has been immortalized and entitled with the responsibility of getting toys to the children of the world in Christmas whereas the second portion of the film has been dedicated to the Head elf that is up to confronting the evil manufacturer of toys..

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